Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Review and Cheats

Every year at the same period, the hearts of football fans pounding. Barca or Real? Exceeded. OM and PSG? Nerdy. No, THE discussion of school, every year, is as follows: PES or FIFA. And to follow suit, MaXoE offers, through two separate tests, comparative tests of the two champions through the prism of one and the other.

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First, there was ISS and PES, Cador football on consoles. Then came the heyday of FIFA that should have reigned unchallenged for many years. But last year, a click. For the first time, we felt that the PES went back late, and if the champion continued to rest on its laurels, the balance to the Force (hop, subtle allusion to current events) could again change.

So, it is with the awareness of the issue that feverishly introducing the wafer in the drive. And we must admit that the first contact is quite surprising, but not exactly … The ball sticks to the feet of the players, it feels only slightly the template of the same players in the contacts, and the first came shares of nowhere or else a dimension where we do not play football like Tsubasa, begin to appear.

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Well, there must be a blow to take, as we said then, and a little difficulty is Corsican. We note, nevertheless, that the handling is a little more demanding, especially in the determination of strikes over fussy. We see, too, that the ball sockets are less easy than expected, although they are still very far from reality … or even earlier versions. Similarly, if the “classic” goals are more difficult to register, gags goals, they seem coming by legions. The forward pass remains an absolute weapon, almost as much as the pass. Similarly, hitting the point with a beefy big that sticks will not be a problem as said big beefy behind you. In short, not only FIFA has not really increased, but even, in some respects fallen …

However, to remain as objective as possible, also recognize that the AI ​​is a little smarter, better place, and it is not luxury. But paradoxically, the effect is that when it pierces, it shows all the better …

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After all is not rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark: FIFA has gained requirement it requires to be a more successful game, the more licked, and did not master with two strokes of a stick. But that did he not always been the case? Is this enough, in 2015, to continue to win? While FIFA has also, and this is a nice novelty for beginners, game aids that appear on the screen to give advice, but one is tempted to say that to play it’s best FIFA have a little taste for football and that this succession of little use bonus.

FIFA is and remains a great football game. And the new rendering visual and sound overall stunning, is not abroad. The problem, I repeat, so it really does not advance, and even stagnate (mainly on the physical, but it is rapidly painful). Thus, some animations are totally out of step, making some unreadable shares (and blunders in the penalty areas are a worrying example).

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Similarly, the ball sometimes has erratic behavior. It sticks to the feet already, but above all, despite the new precision controls, hang the timber as often is not normal. This reinforces the indecisive side of the game, but again the final Bayern Saint-Etienne poles every game no one will entertain long … While at the opposite position and sometimes the most improbable shot a goal that all will laws of physics would look with contempt …
But the worst, and I know that other titles have pointed out before us so we can not boast me of bad faith, it is the referee. It’s simple, it looks like the referee the opening match of the 2014 World Cup Giant lottery cards, fouls, penalties, after the match, everything is subject to the most messy and more unbearable chance.

In terms of content, however, it is always Byzantium: firstly finally discovered female teams, with differences of felt quite notable, but also competitions of all kinds, all cuts online and offline, championships, the career mode, the Ultimate Team, and also kind of poor Football Manager EA offers since she preferé bury FIFA Manager suddenly shovels.

Career mode is, as every year, however, very successful. You now have a much greater impact on the trainings of players and their evolution, and that alone is already an undeniable bonus.

You can also play, as always, a player at a fixed location, to compete for the Golden Ball, make the Seasons online (to climb a ladder), play the season coop, and finally the famous Ultimate Team, which reinvents a little but still, to my taste, a laborious experience reserved for those who have the time and inclination to grinder, and a certain level of play, however, one can now taste it in two other ways. First a smartphone app to manage his office team and the Draft, which allows you to compose a team to 4 games. A kind of was accelerated, but much more accessible for casual gamers.

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Dominations Game – Best Alternative to Clash Of Clans


In this style similar to Clash of Clans strategy game you have to run into space a civilization from the Stone Age. (free, with widening in-app purchases).

Domination presents itself at first glance like a classic city building game. You take control of a tiny village, surrounded by rugged forest. Your workers build various buildings, procure raw materials. So you can clear the forest. The thus freed space is naturally invested in new buildings.

Eventually you build a barracks in which you recruit soldiers. These can be burn in the Single Player Campaign. Dominations brings you here by the wars of the past: You may your happiness among other things, at the Battle of Pelopones try.


Unfortunately, you realize after a while that you’re not alone. Other human players can attack your base and steal the collected raw materials there. This is critical because the development of advanced buildings presupposes vast amounts of resources. Anyone who invests money in an attack protection, must start from scratch again and again – unfortunately it is coming soon to the point where one progresses only with real money.

Command & Conquer

About the genre usual graphics of Dominations there is nothing (and nothing negative) to say. It is interesting that you must control your troops during a battle to a certain degree. An every thirty seconds available crosshairs allows marking a point of application. Who destroys all opposing defenses, gets his troops – unlike in other games – back.



Dominations is a funny interpretation of the Clash of Clans concept. If you like to control your troops a little more, you should give it a try this game. Unfortunately, it will eventually expensive.

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Whatsapp Android – 7 useful tricks


Although I describe an improved version appky Whatsapp +, but I do not want the plain wrong.
In this rapidly contribution will introduce a few tricks especially for the classic version of WhatsApp, it does not mean that it does not work in the APPC WhatsApp plus.

Instructions for Whatsapp messenger
Applications Whatsapp enjoys great popularity. It is a Messenger who manages writing reports, making calls and sending files (with appkou Whatsapp File Sender and non-standard files). It works on the principle of easy, everyone in the phone book using Whatsapp shows you a list of contacts in Whatsapp.

Classic version appky can Whatsapp few tricks and you do not use Whatsapp plus.
Let’s show what they can do Whatsapp and maybe not even know …

1) Invisibility (hiding state) for neighborhood

Even in the classic version of WhatsApp, you can hide your status for the area. The process is easy:

Settings -> Account ->Privacy
Here is the “last, profile photo and status”
At this point you can set who can see these data (all contacts or none at all)

2) Restore a backup reports Whatsapp

Manual backup reports Whatsapp

Go to the settings and look for the “Cottages and calls.” In this menu, simply select “Backup chats”.
Backup should be automatic. In the same place in the menu appky it can automatically backup adapt.

Recovering deleted messages

Whatsapp just uninstall and reinstall. After installing himself finds the backup and offers its renewal.

3) Hidden messages as a copy of WhatsApp

This feature can be explained by Czech something like this: Send bulk message to multiple recipients, but none of the recipients in this group will not know that it’s a public debate. This can be accomplished using the so called. Broadcasts (broadcast).

Offer – New Broadcasting
Select contacts to broadcast
After you have finished selecting contacts in the upper right corner tap the Create
Now you can write multiple messages without having any idea about the recipients of the other recipients

4) Adjust your status on WhatsApp

In the contact list, you can see that some of your contacts have his name inscribed on it as busy or standard message: “Hey there! I am using WhtasApp “.

Your state may inform any writer, for example, that you can not depreciate or even receive calls and so on.
To set status is easy, just to be on the “cottages” put option and select the “STATE”. Here you can select one of the preset conditions or edit it using the “pencil”.

The contents of your condition can be both text and emoticons.

5) Change the name and image

If you want vv within the app WhatsApp change your name and picture, do as follows:

Settings-> Profile
Here you can change your profile picture, as well as your name within appky.

6) Group huts in the APPC Whatsapp

If you need to plan a birthday party and you want to invite a few friends, everyone can send a single message. However, in this case, everyone involved can read messages from others.

Just in the upper right corner click on the icon for the new message, and select “New Group”. Then you choose a group name and you can also assign an icon for the collective chat. The next step is to select the members and all are finished using the “DONE”.

7) Updating contacts

A list of contacts can be several reasons to manually recover. It need not be reloading images for contacts, or through the renewal of contacts you find someone from your phone. List began Whatsapp use, too.
So if you know someone Whatsapp used and you still in contact list, you do not have to restore the contacts and the problem will resolved.

Finally, about tricks for Whatsapp

All these tricks can be performed even in Whatsapp plus, but perhaps invisibility is it dealt with better.
There are other tricks like changing the wallpaper in conversations, blocking contacts and so on. The procedure is so easy that I will not describe it, it surely all come *cool*alone.

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